Homecoming Parade


Photo courtesy of Abbey Gray

The homecoming parade was filled with 69 floats, team bonding, and candy. The route is two miles, beginning at St Williams Catholic Church, and ending at the 1100 building of the school.

Teams, clubs, organizations, and the homecoming court took part in the parade on Wednesday, October 3. The annual convertibles were present, along with the soon-to-be homecoming king and queen. Each float had their own special touches, including floats from unrecognized and underrated clubs/teams that don’t get exposure as often as other organizations. This years judges decided on giving the gold to the swim team. The swimmers had a viking theme with a dragon pool float, shields and helmets.

“The swim team worked together in order to bring together the float this year,” junior Ethan Wu said. “Everyone contributed, from bringing materials to assembling the float itself. All of this was possible through teamwork.”

There were some first-time floats participating this year also. The girls track team has never had a homecoming float before. The girls worked hard as a team and put together the float by themselves. The Lady Dragons track team does not have a booster club either, so making this float was very important to them.

“The girls and I are beyond excited about the float and the end result of it,” sophomore Kendal Jones said. “Not having a track float in the parade for that long of a time is disappointing, and we decided to step forward and end that tradition.”