Austin’s Small Venues

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Austin is commonly known as the live music capital of the world. Large music festivals throughout the year,like Austin City Limits, help establish Austin as a major music city. Small venues are spread across Austin. While overlooked, smaller venues have more to offer than many would expect.
Stubb’s   , a popular small barbeque restaurant and venue located in the middle of the city on Red River Street has made a name for itself as one of the smaller venues in the city. While known by many, Stubb’s is considered to be a lesser venue when compared to other venues such as The Mohawk Theater, Emos, or Zilker Park.
Rather than sitting in chairs or on benches, Stubb’s rests on a patch of dirt. The close knit venue brings an atmosphere where the performer has easy access for crowd engagement.
Popular bands to play at the venue were Anti-Flag, AFI, and Rise Against on Sep 11, 2018. People of all ages are welcome at Stubb’s, allowing a large and diverse crowd to come together and enjoy live music.
The Parish, located on sixth street, offers two separate venues. The upstairs section offers live shows ranging from Hip-hop to Latin music. The downstairs section of the Parish acts as a club, 21 and up. The Parish is a well known 6th street classic stop, and has contributed to the Austin music scene by bringing a number of genres and cultures into the heart of Austin.
Austin is filled with historical monuments. Many buildings are decades old and packed with Austin History. The Cactus Cafe is a small music venue built during the great depression and is located on the University of Texas at Austin campus. Heavy foot traffic brings a number of people to this historical monument to enjoy live music.
Austin offers live music from bluegrass to reggae, with weekly shows Austin’s music scene never sleeps.