New Season New Team


Rhyan Light

Jade Jordan and Ti'anna Goodlow racing to the finish in the 100 meter dash.

Devon Rodriguez, Reporter

As the 2019 track season gets closer, the girls track team prepares to meet their goals for this season. After the previous season, the girls are aiming to surpass their goals and make a mark on the track world like they have in past years. The freshmen this season bring a lot of competition to the table, pushing the upperclassmen to step their game up. New goals are set along with new workouts and new uniforms.

“Things are a little different this year,” junior Rhyan Light said. “We got a new head coach who has pushed us through some ridiculously intense workouts. During pre-season I wasn’t feeling the greatest, but when the first meet of the season rolled around, I set a new personal record in all three of my events. It changed my perspective on this season and showed me that the workouts were really paying off. Coach Quebe said that we need to set higher goals for ourselves this season, and my biggest goal I have for myself is to always step off of the track knowing I am better than the day before.”

This season Coach Quebe is making sure the girls stay healthy and strong. The workouts the girls have been doing are pushing their limits and leaving them breathless and sore. Although the process may be painful, the runners know it is necessary to accomplish their goals. With harder workouts and more preparation, an unpredictable season awaits the track girls. The Lady Dragons are looking forward to breaking barriers and setting new personal records this season.

“I am very confident in our team this year,” sophomore Blakely Calderone said. “The girls and I have grown closer than ever and are expecting to do very well this season.”