Graduation Seating

Geoffrey Daniels, Reporter

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The district announced Jan. 24 that each student would be allowed six tickets to the graduation ceremony. The district communicates with the H-E-B center extensively in order to find the best possible arrangement,

“One of the things that really comes up is student safety but also meeting the needs of all the families” Assistant  Principal Jaramillo said.

The official statement released on Jan. echoes this. Overall the district is hoping to comply with the event center guidelines and continue to maximize the amount of seating available to the students. The district can only work with what the event center provides them.

The district has set up methods of getting more tickets. An online request form is a method for students to apply for unused seats and ran from Feb. 11 to the 22. The district is also suggesting that students with unused tickets can give them back to us or give them to families who need extra tickets in order to alleviate the amount of online requests. In the end the best way to help each other is to give tickets to the people who need it.

Some students have been struggling with getting more tickets. The available seating is an issue of concern for senior Sky Rios.

“The ticket rule really messed up my family’s plans for graduation for graduation. [My family] had already spent money on tickets from New York, especially receiving the news pretty late.”, Rios said.

Many students face similar issues of planning trips for graduation and having to find last minute solutions to the limited availability. Other than finding more seats, some other possible methods to attending graduation is the live streaming service that broadcasts the graduation. Other than that there are some availabilities for the box seating in the center if you can contact the owners of said boxes.

The availability for seating for future graduations is subject to change with H-E-B center guidelines, but even with expanded seating opportunities the likelihood of an increase in allotted tickets per student is unlikely to break six due to larger and larger graduation class sizes.

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