What Role do you Play?


Round Rock High School has been the oldest school in the Round Rock Independent District (RRISD) ever since 1913 when the school was incorporated into RRISD. Every generation of students since then have had a role in eventually making the school the influential institution it is now. Whether someone’s role is pursuing comedy (Bart Peluso, Upcoming Comedian) , to be a dancer (Aly Pogorzelski, Rangerette), a star athlete (John Henson, Professional Basketball Player for the NBA), or even a great political figure (Jeffrey S. Boyd, Texas Supreme Court Member), they all had one thing in common. Every single one of them attended Round Rock High School at some point or another.

“What role do you play at Round Rock High School?”

“I feel like the role I play at Round Rock is that I’m the person who will always greet you with a smile or say hi to you when I see you in the hall. I enjoy making people happy and that’s just a small way to make someone’s day a little bit better.”

-Abby Powers, Senior

“I’m ‘that guy’ that goes crazy at pep rallies and stuff, and everybody looks over and is like, ‘is he okay?’ I’m the kid in ROTC that accidentally doesn’t say ‘yes sir’ and then has to hold the punishment rock for the rest of class. That’s my role.”

-Dawson McElroy, Freshman

“I would like to say that my role at Round Rock involves helping my peers. I make it a point to be kind to everyone I interact with because I want them to feel happy at Round Rock. I use my leadership positions in Student Council and Dragonette Escorts to make people feel welcome, because I know there are people out there who feel alone at our school.”

-Andrew Hubbard, Junior