Start of Football Season

After losing in the second round of the playoffs last season to Klein Oak, the Dragons have been training hard for the first game of the season. They have hope that they can make it farther in the playoffs this season than they did last season.

Almost immediately after summer started, the Dragon football players got to work. The team began summer training about two weeks into the summer. They then worked hard for about two to three hours a day. For these players, football is a way of life. They sacrifice their summer break in order to play the game they love. 

Towards the beginning of summer training camp, they were slow. As they started to get back into football shape, they were able to pick up the pace. The first hour would either be running or weights. For the rest of the time they did the one they didn’t do in the first hour. 

“It was hard because I’d push myself every day to do more than I did the day before,” junior Mason Minton said. “I’d go home and lift some more but it was hard because I pushed and strive to be the best athlete I could.” 

As they get closer and closer to the beginning of the season, the team began to mentally prepare for the challenges they would face the next couple of months. Junior Mason Minton said he believes they have a winning mentality and can go farther this year in the postseason than they did last year. 

The Dragons faced their first challenge of the year Friday, August 30 against Harker Heights at Dragon Stadium. This would help them get their atmosphere and be able to rally around it. That is exactly what happened. The crowd showed up and so did the team. 

The game started out rough for the Dragons. They immediately started down 3-0. Seth Ford then passed the ball to senior Collin Sullivan as he got a 63 yard touchdown. Harker then rallied to end up on top 13-7 as the second quarter began. 

When we were down going into the second quarter we knew we had to pick up the pace and gain some momentum which is exactly what we did,” junior starting quarterback Seth Ford said. “Our defense came up with an interception and the very next play we had a 41 yard touchdown to get the momentum on our side.”

The second quarter saw a complete shift in momentum. Junior Neil McCarty III got an interception which lead to a rushing touchdown from junior Israel Morgan. The ball began to roll for the Dragons as senior Jordan Smart ran for a 41 yard rushing touchdown, a 13 yard rushing touchdown, and a 42 yard receiving touchdown. 

The second half contained not as many touchdowns as the first. Quarterback Seth Ford ran for a 32 yard rushing touchdown to secure the only Dragon points of the second half. The Dragons were able to ride their lead into the end of the fourth quarter to win 42-34. 

“We trusted our game plan and each other on the field,” senior Keegan McDonnell said. “It was good to get a win and we know what we can improve on.”

The Dragons used their momentum from their win against Harker Heights when they beat Belton 42-30. Quarterback Seth Ford threw for two touchdowns, both to senior Collin Sullivan. He also ran for one to overall have three touchdowns. Junior Israel Morgan ran for one touchdown, while senior Jordan Smart ran for two.

The next game on the schedule for Round Rock is next Friday, September 20 when the Dragons take on their rival McNeil Mustangs at Kelly Reeves Stadium.