Film Club

A group of students with a passion for making fiction come to life comes together every Wednesday at 4:35 pm to create something magical. Film club is open to anyone who is willing to participate in making short films. Club members encourage those who share their passion to join and experience what it is like to work hands on with film. 

This is their first year as a club and currently have a total of 10 active members. The objective for the members is to produce narrative stories and turn them into short films. The goal is for the group to produce a film with an inspiring story line to compete in UIL. 

“There is a lot of potential that can come from this club,” secretary Bennett Lujan said. “It’s going to be interesting to see what happens.”

Just like sports are personal to students, film is like that to others as well. No equipment is provided by the school, but furnished by the students who make up the group. From lighting to transportation, the members provide it all. This club to the members is more than just film, but is an opportunity to express who they are. 

“I am a part of film because movies have been something that has taken a huge portion of my life,” Lujan said.” They used to be one of the only things I did, especially when I got to hang out with my dad.” 

Film president Danny Aguilera is the creator of RRHS film. He took the initiative to walk through the process and recruit for the club in order for it to be established. 

“ I wanted to do something different for senior year, and I saw that there’s UIL competition for film,” Aguilera said. “ So I’m like why not? Let’s leave a mark on this school.”