New Fencing Announced

The school held a safety committee meeting on Oct. 16. The purpose of the meeting was to review current safety protocols, go over feedback from the drill, and listen to parent’s insights and suggestions.

During the meeting, Assistant Principal Jeff Black said there will be a 10 foot galvanized fence that will go along the northern boundary of the school. There will be a gap near the gas station which will allow students to enter from there. Both Deepwood and Lake Creek will not be fenced off, but will instead have people patrolling those areas.

The fence is being put in place is to stop students who aren’t seniors from going off campus. Every day, multiple students leave and have no problem going off campus. This fence will cause them to have to go to one of the exits and present their ID in order to leave.

The school is also currently looking into changing the intercom system. According to Mr. Black, teachers submit feedback after every drill. A constant response is that it is hard to hear the intercoms. The school is now starting to take steps to fix this issue.

“I met last week with folks about redoing the intercom system on the campus so that part is coming,” Mr. Black said. “That seems to be with a campus of this size the biggest issue that we seem to have.”

The last set of new information discussed at this meeting was Round Rock ISD’s new partnership with Bluebonnet Trails Community Services. This partnership allows for Round Rock to have two therapists on campus with the hope that a third will be added. The process for getting to one of these therapists is based on high need. If a student is determined high need by their administrator, they will be the first to be recommended. The therapist will then decide if they can work with the student or will assign the student to another therapist. There is currently no time table for how long it will take for a student to get to a therapist as the program is in its early stages. However, the school is hoping that it should not take more than two weeks.