College Acceptance

College Acceptance

Photo by Boston Herald

The most stressful part about being an upperclassmen is having to apply to colleges. As the holidays get closer and closer, so does the deadline for college applications. 

On December 2nd, both the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M had their application deadline. The application fee for both these schools is $75. With the deadline approaching, stress levels continued to climb. Students not only have to worry about getting in their applications on time, but also have to deal with their current classes.

“Applying is overwhelming trying to keep track of everything,” senior Samantha Salazar said. “Plus, there is added stress with loads of homework.”

There’s also the stress of finding out where to apply. Many juniors are now starting the college process, having to research and tour the schools they want to go to. The good news for students is that they are allowed two days to visit the schools they are interested. This allows students to miss a school day and not have to worry about having an unexcused absence.

Some students were able to get into their top choice. Among these students is senior Adam Scherger. Adam got into both his number one school, Arizona State University, and his number two school, Kent State University. He applied to these schools due to their very good aeronautical programs that have a lot of connections with the industry.

 “Getting my number one was a relief because I have been wanting to go there for six years,” senior Adam Scherger said. “I knew I’d get into the school, but I didn’t know if I would get into the program. When I got the results I did a “hoo rah” thing on my chest.”