Teenagers in the Workforce

Junior Cassie Fotovitch works at Hip Hounds, a dog boarding and daycare. She works with animals daily, which she sees as a dream. Cassie works up to 30 hours a week, with all different types of dogs. 

She wants to continue with her work with animals into college and beyond that. Veterinary practice is something she wants to pursue and said she believes that her job is the best way to start that off. She’s learning the basics now, and plans on going deeper into that as time goes on. She has begun building her resume for college applications and internships for the summer, and her current job is going to help that process along. 

“I love working at Hip Hounds,” Cassie said. “Not only is it preparing me for my future, but it’s something I genuinely enjoy.”

Teens who work tend to be more prepared for their future occupation. Jobs teach students things like patience, organization, social and people skills, and responsibility. Work ethic is also something is taught throughout working. 

“My job has definitely taught me a lot,” junior Emma Juren said. “I work with animals and that’s what I want to continue doing so my job is doing a good job introducing me to the animal world. I feel like when I go to college I’m going to be ahead of a lot of the people that are also majoring in veterinary practice that didn’t have a job like mine when they were in high school.” 

Working somewhere related to their future profession can better prepare them for their future. Colleges see it as a step forward in the right direction and an advantage over students who do not have that workers experience. 

“I work at Mighty Fine,” junior Claire Greenspan said. “They’re super strict. They teach us things like diligence and punctuality. I feel so much more prepared for any future job I am going to encounter. I feel like I have some of the best work qualities a worker could have.” 

Jobs that hire teens tend to want to teach them the way of the workforce. Learning things like how to get your W2 and manage money also come along with the perks of having a job.

“I’ve definitely grown as a person,” senior Josh Cantu said. “I can’t wait to apply the skills I’ve learned to my future.”