Student Council Organizes Projects to Contribute to Community


Junior Niranjana Nair has held leadership positions since elementary school. Running for whatever positions she could, she became treasurer of elementary school student council, president of the largest club in middle school, and is now the at-large representative of student council here at Round Rock High School. 

Student council is the government of a high school. With nearly 4,000 students with different interests and wants for the school, this is a big job. But behind the scenes, Student Council is in charge of a large number of popular school events that most people don’t know they run.

“Student council is essentially a representative of the student body, which is why our officers are called ‘Student Body Officers’, and we help encourage spirit throughout the school, help management for events,” Nair said. “We’re basically representatives of the school.” 

Student council is a big time commitment. Members are required to get 30 points (1 point per half-hour) by participating in meetings and events, volunteering, and helping out. With frequent meetings and events, something is drawing in its hundreds of members. For many students, joining student council makes them feel heard. 

 “It’s a chance to be a part of something that allows you to express your ideas,” freshman Avni Agrawal said. 

Student Council is in charge of many elaborate events. They have a lot of smaller scale projects throughout spring and winter. Some of these include teacher Oscars, project beautiful, Senior Tailgate, the veteran’s breakfast, and more. 

“Many of our yearly events are continued out of tradition, like homecoming for example, but the initial reason is to address some need in the school,” Nair said. “Our various projects may be to show appreciation to staff, support the student body, or contribute to the community.”