Orchestra Game Day


Orchestra is one of the fine arts programs offered at Round Rock High School. While it’s known that they practice and perform for UIL that is not all they do. Orchestra game day is an event that is held at the beginning of the year on September 23rd and only on this day is when all the students in the orchestra program compete in games and competitions against each other.

“We want everyone to bond because it’s the start of the year,” senior Laura Choate said. “So we participate in fun activities and games and its specifically for the freshmen and underclassmen to make friends and feel closer with each other and so everyone is more comfortable with each other so the rest of the year is more fun.”  

The orchestra members don’t just participate by themselves.They form teams with other members so that they can get to know each other and compete while also laying down the foundations for teamwork. 

“We actually had a lot more kids show up than we expected so we had to create extra teams,” Laura said. “They got together in groups of 6 to10 people and then they got to pick their team name and design their own bandannas so the team members had to communicate with each other on what they wanted to do with their bandannas.” 

The games had everyone ecstatic as they competed with and against each other and got along with their teammates. It was almost like everyone was a big family. 


“All of the games were really fun and everyone definitely blended well together,” junior June Kim said. “It was honestly just a really fun and great time especially with the song association game as everyone was just shouting out a bunch of songs related to a word they put up on the screen.” 

Only being a yearly event makes the orchestra games very special to most, especially to the senior members as this is their last year of high school. 

“If I had to describe orchestra game day in one word it would be memorable,” June said “I feel like throughout the entirety of last year, especially during covid. I barely knew anyone in the orchestra, but through this one moment I was able to meet so many new people and it was so fun it made everything more memorable.”