Advice to Freshmen


High school is overwhelming. From thousands of students finding their first class, to seniors strolling down the hall knowing exactly where to go, the first hectic year of high school can be very intimidating. Starting at a new school as large as Round Rock High School presents its own struggles. However, advice is not hard to come by.

Here’s some advice from upperclassmen and teachers to incoming freshmen.

Make friends, there’s a friend for everyone
“If you’re a part of a smaller group of people, high school will feel more welcoming. Without a group of friends it’ll seem much larger. Don’t be afraid to reach out and make friends.”

-Thomas Arredondo, Economics Teacher

Ask questions
“The one thing I would love for freshmen to know, practice and learn, is to ask questions. Ask your teachers, administrators and peers. Question everything, learn to ask questions to gain knowledge. Don’t sit in the back and leave the classroom not knowing.”

-Roy Smith, AP Literature teacher

Join Clubs
“Invest yourself in as many extracurricular’s as possible, not only will it look good on your college resume, but it will expand your horizons and help you meet new people. ”

-Drew Tiritilli, Junior