Letter of Recommendation | Sopadelic by Young Bull

Young Bull, an up-and-coming music group from Durham, North Carolina, have been releasing music as a trio since 2016, their debut was marked by an independently released LP called Sopadelic.

With Sopadelic, Young Bull brings to the table a sound that is wholly unique. Their music is certainly abstract but distinctly Southern, fusing trap and old-school soul to create a sound that North Carolina can be proud of. In 11 songs the trio takes you on a funk/jazz/soul (and pretty much everything in between) filled trip through the struggles of dating in the modern world. Vocalist Tahmique Cameron’s infectious voice is paired masterfully with Gabe Fox-Peck’s unorthodox production. Cameron and Fox-Peck are at their best together in “Don’t Count on Me” and “Find Myself Alone With You” where they are left alone to showcase the musical tandem the two have been developing since they were playing JV basketball together.

The third member of the trio, rapper/vocalist Christian Sinclair, only appears a handful of times on this album. (At this point Sinclair hadn’t officially joined the group and was just a frequent collaborator.)  As a result Sinclair appears in just three songs on the LP, fortunately, when he does make an appearance he easily manages to stand out. He gets the most airtime in “Miscommunication” and “Voicemail” and he takes full advantage of it, effortlessly becoming the main attraction in both. After rummaging through his solo catalog it’s pretty easy to see why he fits so well with Young Bull. His delivery is completely unique, landing somewhere between Khary, MF Doom and old school Devin the Dude, and flows remarkably well with Young Bull’s patented groove.  

The album also features slightly less notable features from Claire Dickson and Soup, both artists add a new dynamic to their respective songs. Dickson helps add fuel to the fire Sinclair sets off in “Quiet” with her versatile range and Soup supply the rhythm for Cameron’s impassioned voice in the aptly named “Soup (feat. Soup).”

Sopadelic is a completely dynamic sound that fits whatever mood you happen to be in.  Everyone featured in this album puts in what can still be considered some of their best work. Young Bull, Christian Sinclair, Claire Dickson, and the band known simply as Soup managed to craft a truly complete LP with little to no weak spots. From the first song to the last, Sopadelic takes you on a magic carpet ride through the hardships of a modern relationship in the most enjoyable way possible.