Senior Parking Spots

Marissa Montemayor

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New Year’s Resolution
February 12, 2020

Photo by Katelynn Ivy.

Out of 880 distributed parking permits, seniors bought 184 personalized spots because they wanted a spot to call their own. Before the school year began, senior reserved permits were available for purchase for $75. Towards the end of summer, the seniors began to express themselves through paint. They decorated their pavement, finalizing their claim.

Initially there were two days scheduled for the students to paint their parking spots, but because the weather rose up to 108 degrees, the schedule became more flexible. Some came and spent hours working on their mural, but others took just a few minutes to paint out their initials. overall , seniors paintings are special because they express something they are proud of and are visible  for the whole school to see before they head off to start their life after high school.

“I chose to paint a big blue B on my parking spot because it is Blinn College’s logo,”senior Emily Murphy said. “I will be attending Blinn in the fall of 2019.”

With the purchase of a reserved spot, it is mandatory to use it as their only parking spot.

“If a senior parks anywhere other than their reserved spot, they are technically taking up two spots which creates less availability to the students who are on the waiting list for a parking permit,” Assistant Principal Kurt Reeves said.

If the school’s population continues to increase, the painted reserved parking spots may be limited,but as of right now, the trend is planned to continue.