Is The Amount of Homework We Get Every Night Reasonable?


Homework has long been the bane of high school students existence. Every night students are sent home with what seems like an unclimbable mountain of work with nothing but well wishes from their teachers. With most students working part-time jobs, participating in band, sports, and a slew of other extracurriculars, is it the amount of work we’re expected to do every night really reasonable?

“Teachers are unaware of what assignments we have in other classes and don’t care to know”, junior Sydney Noffke said. “Our teachers only care about their class, which is to be expected, but I feel like our teachers should take into account our other classes so the workload doesn’t feel so insurmountable.”

“There are three categories that make up a student’s life, school work, sleep, and extracurriculars”, senior Ryan Elam said. “If you want to get it all done at a high level, one of the other categories are going to suffer. The amount of work we are given every night is doable, but I wouldn’t say it was reasonable.”

AP Classes traditionally give more homework than academic courses, but all classwork requires students to manage their time.

“The amount of homework we get is a lot to handle but I believe it’s reasonable”, junior Liam Malloy said. “While, how much homework I have every night annoys me, it helps me practice and understand the material that I learned in class. The only reason I ever stay up until 3 a.m. working on precal is because I spend most of my time at home, not doing homework. If I were to be more productive with my time I’d probably have more time to focus on extracurriculars.”