New Look for the Band

Geoffrey Daniels, Reporter

The band uniform had a new look for the first time in nine years on Sept. 28 at the football game against Westwood. Nine years is oddly specific, but it’s been a tradition in the band to introduce a new uniform on this odd year interval. Many things will be altered on the uniform, including the end of the maroon sinch, and the addition of glimmer material on many parts of the uniform including the sinch, gauntlets, skirt, and shako (hat).

The uniform change benefits the band in that it is a more neutral color palette. This neutrality allows for color guard and prop colors to be virtually any color. As seen in this year’s program, “DREAM”, the color guard and props are bright neon colors, which would clash with the maroon on the uniform of years past. The neutrality of shine and black allows for any assortment of colors to be present on the field.

Theses changes are exciting, but can also be controversial. For some students, the end of the maroon in the uniform is slightly off putting seeing as the uniform will now not contain any of the schools colors, maroon and white.

Q: How do you think the new uniforms look?

A: “The uniform is cool, I really like the sequins, black and chrome was a good choice.” – Max Kennedy, senior

Q: How do you feel about the lack of maroon on the uniform?

A: “I literally couldn’t care less. They look really cool” – Colton Kilgore, junior

Q: Do you think the lack of maroon is detrimental to the school spirit of the band?

A: “No, I think it looks cooler.” – Layne McCalmont, senior