Photo by Katelynn Ivy.

Senior Parking Spots

September 12, 2018

Out of 880 distributed parking permits, seniors bought 184 personalized spots because they wanted a spot to call their own. Before the school year began, senior reserved permits were available for purchase for $75. Towards the end of summer, the seniors began to express themselves through paint. They decorated their pavement, finalizing their claim.

Advice to Freshmen

Advice to Freshmen

August 30, 2018

High school is overwhelming. From thousands of students finding their first class, to seniors strolling down the hall knowing exactly where to go, the first hectic year of high school can be very intimidating. Starting at a new school as large as Round Rock High School presents its own struggles. However, advice is not hard to come by. Here's some advice from upperclassmen and teachers to incoming freshmen.

What Role do you Play?

What Role do you Play?

August 22, 2018

Round Rock High School has been the oldest school in the Round Rock Independent District (RRISD) ever since 1913 when the school was incorporated into RRISD. Every generation of students since then have had a role in eventually making our school the influential institution it is now. Whether someone's role was pursuing comedy (Bart Peluso, Upcoming Comedian) , to be a dancer (Aly Pogorzelski, Rangerette), a star athlete (John Henson, Professional Basketball Player for the NBA), or even a great political figure (Jeffrey S. Boyd, Texas Supreme Court Member), they all had one thing in common. Every single one of them attended Round Rock High School at some point or another.

The Round Rock Spitfire
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