About the RRHS Spitfire

RRHS Spitfire:

The RRHS Spitfire is a student-created journalism hub whose primary goal is to inform our student body! Not only do we strive to be a source of information with consistent updates, but we also hope to serve as a platform where our fellow students can let their voices and opinions be heard.

The RRHS Spitfire has cancelled publishment of future printed editions of the newspaper due to difficulties regarding various inconsistencies causing a deficiency of finished product. Following this cancellation, we moved all future journalism content onto our website in August of 2018.

Concerns Regarding our Content:

Views expressed in the RRHS Spitfire are all opinions based off those of the reporters responsible for publishing said articles, this does not necessarily mean every member of the publications team agree and express the same views and opinions. We try to ensure that all information published is factual and never holds any negative connotation with the intention to offend anyone.

If you have a problem with something on our website you can contact us at [email protected] where we can help sort out your concern.

Contact Information:

-Publications Teacher Email: [email protected]

-Journalism Phone: (512) 464-6038

-RRHS Spitfire Email: [email protected]

You also may be able to contact us at Round Rock High School in room 2301.

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About the RRHS Spitfire