Culinary class spices things up with a new kitchen

The kitchen in the 1400 was scheduled to be finished before the school year started. Now the new deadline is in November.

The kitchen is being renovated because it’s out of date. The school is changing it from a home economics style kitchen to a modern commercialized setting. It was set to be finished before the school year started, but the appliances needed haven’t arrived yet. In November the rest of the equipment will arrive, and Mr. Coffing and his class will begin cooking in the new workspace.

Currently class occasionally works in the 1140 kitchen, but mostly functions out of the 100 building kitchen. The wait has made the class more challenging (and frustrating) for culinary students and their teacher alike. The 131B kitchen has lots of outdated and faulty equipment. It features stove top burners that don’t heat up all the way, stovetops where the scale of how hot they get is completely wrong and students have to set them 15 degrees off of where they want them to be, broken ovens, and more. Still, Coffing stays positive about the circumstances and sees some benefit from the experience for his students.

 “Well if you can cook on older equipment, you can cook on anything,” Mr Coffing said.

The new kitchen is quickly approaching completion. Mr Coffing and his class are getting closer and closer to having a brand new workspace. The new place will make the class run smoother, bring increased capability for cooking and learning.

“I’m very excited,” Coffing said. “There’s a lot of small little things to take care of of course, so I’m really looking forward to getting in there.”