Struggles of a Student Athlete


Student athletes face a difficult challenge of balancing school and sport, barely having any down time. With these challenges, time management is key so that these students do not fall behind. So with the challenge of balancing school and sports, having time for homework is a problem as well. 

 “Usually during season sports take up a very large portion of my time,” Senior Gabriella Vidal said. “So whenever I don’t have volleyball or anything, I am doing homework so I don’t have any time for anything else besides that. Usually I just squeeze it in whenever I can. during lunches, before bed all that fun stuff.” 

Being an athlete takes a toll on one’s physical and mental stability if they are not up to the challenge. Athletes must be able to push themselves past the challenges to be successful. Even then, managing their time correctly is a challenge itself. 

“ Everyone can do it just if they are on a team or in school because you could just throw someone into it. They may or may not be successful,”  Vidal said “ In order to do that you have to have excellent time management skills. I have been on school teams for the last six years so I have been doing this for awhile so I have had that practice and I can manage my time efficiently and I have really elaborate schedules.” 

The ultimate decision choosing between school and sports is a question student athletes have asked themselves at least once. Do you miss practice so you can catch up on work or do you go to practice and let that work pile up?  

“There have been many times for both.” Vidal said “for the first Eight days of school varsity we missed four of those days so we were only there for technically have the school year so far and honestly it was like really really difficult to get caught up do that following week so me and a couple of other players had to skip practice and go make things up so there’s times for both Here we have to choose school over sports and sports over school, its like when is the right time to do it?”