The Members of Color guard


The color guard is known for their spinning of flags and rifles while performing with the marching band during football games, but that is not all they do. The color guard has so much more to it. The color guard has two seasons: marching and a winter season. Currently they are in their winter season.

“Our winter guard season is when we have our own themed show,” senior Ema Delaney said. “We are completely separated from the band. Its honestly nice as we can do our own thing and it makes us a lot more proud if we were to do the marching show instead.” 


Since the color guard spends so much time together they are really close to each other. 

“I can definitely say that the guard is very much like a family,” senior Lauren Cole said. “We travel everywhere together and see each other almost every day like on the weekends, during the week, during school, almost everywhere.” 

Being a part of the color guard requires members to sacrifice a good amount of their free time in order for them to practice. That practice time is usually every A-day during the second period.

“We do have to sacrifice our free time for homework and to study.” junior Elizabeth Linson said “The sacrifice is worth it though as being a part of this group has made me a better person with working in a team and problem solving.” 

Learning all these techniques and being able to effectively use these skills for competitions takes a lot of time. Both varsity and junior varsity performed on Feb. 5 with varsity scoring 11th out of 18 and JV scoring fifth out of 8. 

“We competed this past weekend and had a great show in both the jv and varsity groups,” Director Whitney Stone said “We are also really close to finishing both groups’ shows and in our future competitions as long as they have a good show and feel good about their performance that’s really all that matters.”  

With the winter guard season this is guard’s time to shine as they step out of the theoretical shadow of the band and have the spotlight on them for a change. 

“During marching season especially during UIL competitions the judges are more focused on the band,” Delaney said “Taking that theoretical step out brings a lot more passion to our winter shows as we are being watched more closely and it brings so much more focus to the group as a whole.”