Creative Arts Contest Invites Student Entries


Starting this month and running until Halloween, the RRHS Creative Arts contest will showcase student work. Allowing submissions from all grades (and even faculty), the submissions can be any length, any genre, and any style, as long as it’s school appropriate. It even allows photography and artwork. The contest encourages multiple submissions, allowing for artists to show off their different strengths in different fields.

“Writers are often secretive about their work, and this is a chance for people to get their work celebrated out in the open,” creative writing teacher Amy Cunningham said. ”It’s a long standing tradition here, and the entries that we get are going to be what gets published in our magazine this year.”

The Whispers magazine staff, who runs the contest, takes the best submissions from the contest and compiles them into one publication, which is released at the end of the year. The publication has been around since the 1980s, Mrs. Cunningham has run it since 2014. The contest submissions go through the creative writing class, working together to choose the best submissions, they usually finishing around late November. Contest winners are then notified, and the magazine is published at the end of the year. The release accompanied by a release party where free copies of the magazine are distributed to the school community.

¨I´ve enjoyed collaborating with my classmates to help set up something anyone in the school can participate in,¨ junior Juniper Campbell, a member of the creative writing class, said. ¨it feels great to be apart of something bigger than myself.¨

The contest has already started and draws to its close on Halloween, so make sure to submit something before that deadline hits.

“Our writing contest is one of the only things our school has to celebrate creative writing,” Campbell says. “It looks really good on your resume to say that you have a literary publication, and it’s a great opportunity for writers to get their work out there!”