Testing For College

Picture courtesy  of picsart.com

Picture courtesy of picsart.com

In these coming months, while final grades complete transcripts for when students apply to dream schools, tests also become a big contender in how their future will play out. From the monthly chance to take the SAT, ACT, along with the selective TSI, ASVAB and AP exams, the spring semester is when almost all of these tests take place.

“I think the SAT is the most important test we can take in high school,” junior Kamal Al Sallami said. “It’s a major factor in deciding what college you go to.”

Wednesday March 4,  juniors can choose to take the SAT during school. Standing for the scholastic aptitude test, this exam is the most important test according to studypoint.com and over 95% of all colleges require this exam according to usnews.com. In this exam there are four required sections: reading, writing and language, math, and an optional essay. This test has a scoring range of 400 to 1600. The maximum score for both the verbal and math section is 800.

“Any test in high school is important,” junior Ellie Rogers said. “But the SAT and ACT are the two tests that showcase your whole high school education.”

Soon after the SAT comes the ACT, also known as the American College Test. While this one is not given during the school day, the next testing day for this exam is Saturday April 4, exactly a month after the SAT. In this test there are four mandatory sections: English, math, reading, and science. There is also an optional fifth essay option. For this test, scores range between 1 and 36, with 36 being the highest score possible.

To study for these exams, there are online options like Princeton Review, PrepScholar and Khan Academy. There are also in-person classes in the Round Rock area, such as More Than A Test Review, Love The SAT, and Huntington Review. While most of these courses require money to take, Khan Academy is free. In this online program, it is possible to start the sign-up process through a College Board account and once started with the courses there are scholarship opportunities that grow for the amount of lessons completed.

“Anyone can get a good score on these tests,” Rogers said. “They just have to study and put in the work.”