Keeping Busy During Quarantine

Due to the strict stay at home orders, students are reaching peak boredom. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, people are finding ways to have fun while in quarantine.

Some students have been seen parking their cars six feet away from each other and eating food while catching up in their cars. 

“My friends and I meet up every Wednesday at 5 p.m. and hangout in our cars in a parking lot,” senior Christian Wernli said. “It’s honestly the highlight of my week.” 

People are also trying out new hobbies like cooking and doing at home workouts. Finding new recipes online and binge watching movies are just a few examples of ways people are keeping busy during this global pandemic. 

“I’ve started working out in my garage to stay in shape,” senior Brooke Joseph said. “It’s been super therapeutic.”

The infamous app Tik Tok has also offered people a way to stay busy. The app provides recipes, DIY projects, dances to learn, humor, and even workouts. Students have been spending most of their time on the app, and sharing their favorites with friends.

“I catch myself watching Tik Tok for hours at a time,” junior Kaylie Moczygymba said. “I’ll start watching them at 9 p.m. and look at a clock and it’ll be 3 a.m. and realize I’ve been on the app for six hours.”

Quarantine also offers an easy way to engage with family. Students are spending quality time with family that they may not get normally due to busy schedules. Although this may cause some tension, it’s still a great way to take advantage of time families don’t get often.

“My brother is back home from college,” freshman Makayla Thinger said. “The whole family is back together and we’re all taking advantage of this time together before my brother goes back to college and my other brother graduates. Mom and Dad are thrilled.”