Students Find Creative Ways to Stay Busy

RRHS students are finding things to do to keep them preoccupied while they are not doing homework due to the unprecedented amount of freetime they all now have. Since the Governor gave the stay at home order April 2, technology has played an integral role in keeping connected and also entertained, while some have started cooking to pass the time, and or to learn how to cook. Most students are also quarantined with their siblings, younger and older.

One thing that has been making the rounds of the world especially in these times of isolation is the video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Released on March 20, the game consists of your character vacationing to an island and building said island from the ground up. 

“The game makes me feel relaxed,” senior Logan Hill said. “Animal Crossing has affected my time management by giving me another activity to do daily.” 

With in game events being based on real world time, the game follows your own clock and gives daily incentives to play.

Another activity students are doing over the internet is playing online Dungeons and Dragons. Using the online service Discord, parties are able to communicate and play the game completely virtually.

“It’s been pretty easy and relaxing,” freshman Sam Hoffman said. “The only part missing is seeing people in person.” 

Although it is difficult for most of the student body to see people in person, students with numerous siblings see multiple people every day. 

“Staying at home with my two little sisters during quarantine has been a great opportunity for me to spend quality time with them before heading off to college,” senior Olivia Berry said. “It’s nice to have people I can play games and watch movies with.” 

Another activity many students are doing is cooking. Despite the lack of ingredients due to stores being emptied out regularly, seniors Ajwad and Ammar Ali still find the time to cook.

“It’s a whole lot harder getting food ingredients honestly but it also forces you to be creative in cooking by just trying to use what you already have,” Ammar said.

Despite the inability for students to see each other and come to school, we are still finding ways to entertain ourselves and pick up new hobbies.