Students Prepare for the Real World


 As many students begin their final high school years and prepare for their real lives, some have begun their own business to go into the world with some money. 

Sophomore Alivia Byers has had her business for 1.5 years and makes a profit of about $3000 annually. She makes crochet creations by hand, and recently has made a donation of blankets to a shelter. 

Small businesses are often inspired by what their owners dream and what they want to accomplish with this business. People like senior Miyah Smith, started their businesses off of a childhood dream. Smith makes seasonal sales of customized caramel apples.

“I want to go into the culinary industry,” Smith said. “ That is my dream. I’d probably branch off into something else, like cuisine though.”

“I started this business because I was bored and I’m really good at crocheting,” Byers said. “Also because I wanted to start making an income.”

With the fun of running a business, there is always the added stress. It’s hard to balance school, work, and other activities. Stuff like studying, getting enough sleep, and making time for yourself contribute to your daily life.

“I would say the most stressful time is in the winter when finals are happening,” Smith said. “That’s when my sales peak, so I’m making apples, studying and still trying to get enough sleep every night.”

Though a lot of the work is done by the students, they still have the support of their family and friends.

“It’s definitely my family,” Smith said. “But I would say it’s really my mom and dad because they will be there right with me.” 

“My mom helps me with my sales,” Byers said. “She helps me advertise and helps keep track of the money.”